When I Was a Child, I Spake as a Child

Those of you with children of your own will understand what I'm talking about when I say that each day is full of surprises.  That is one of the reasons I started this blog, so that I could record some of those surprises in a way that I would really remember those moments.  Take today for example: Nina will not stop trying to crawl (though I do my BEST to make her stop!), Maya brought home kindergarten graduation invitations (*sniff), and Maxwell decided to test the door-stopping ability of the van by shoving his finger in at the last moment before it slid closed.  And yes, it closed on his finger while the Kroger employees on break outside watched the whole thing unfold.  Seriously...who can take all of that, and still be emotionally stable?

What I want to point out is that our kids are constantly doing things just for us - to show us in their own little way that they love us - and those are the things that go unnoticed by us busy parents.  Whether it is picking those "precious" dandelions and bringing in the bouquet to be put on display on the dining room table, requesting "girl time" alone just when you need to start preparing supper, or just looking up at you and giving you a smile that could light up the world, our kids are showing us they love us.

One day soon, I will stop and realize that Maya is sending out college graduation invitations, Max has learned that dandelions are just weeds, and Nina will be too busy to stop and give me a smile.  I hope I will learn to accept these token of love, instead of getting too busy with the less important things in life that take up so much of my time.

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  1. I could never say it better!!! What a great reminder!!!!