Dream a Little Dream

So, after 6 years of marriage, I found out that my hubster isn't as intrigued as I am when I talk about my dreams.  Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, and tell him everything that just happened in the most recent dream.  Last weekend, I realized that my details have been falling on deaf ears.  He's all, "Hello?! It's a dream! Of course you were fishing with a kangaroo...dreams are SUPPOSED to be bizarre!" 

(Eye roll.  Don't insult my dreams.)  

Well.  OK then.  I'll share my fascination with other, more interested, listeners.  My kiddos.  :)

Maya, Maxwell, and I have our fair share of wacky dreams, and we all love to talk about them.  I think it develops imagination, helps the kids become more aware of themselves and their surroundings, and it encourages them to share their thoughts and ideas with me.  Mostly, I just love to talk about dreams.

My strangest dream ever happened when I was in high school.  In it, my entire biology class took a trip into the woods and climbed a rather gigantic hill.  When we were almost to the top, we started sliding in this thick, green goo which sent several of my classmates slipping and sliding out of sight.  I awoke just as I was pulling on the root of a tree, trying to take the last step to the top.

Do I want to know what this dream means?  Not in the least.  I will tell you one thing I learned from this dream, however - I dream in COLOR!  (I always wondered if I dreamed in color or in monochrome, and I'm extremely happy to know that my dreams are just as vibrant as my taste in wall colors.)

In conclusion, you should know I enjoy talking about dreams.  I enjoy hearing about dreams.  And I do not believe that some people do not have dreams.  My theory is that they're just not that interested in remembering them.  

What is your most vivid dream?


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  1. Good post. I guess I'm one of those who does not choose to remember her dreams. My thought on that is I don't sleep enough to dream. I used to remember my dreams alot more before I had little ones. I'm not quite sure what that means?? :)