Making a Fashion Statement

In a society where kids all wear polo shirts, flip flops, and super-short skirts, I happily allow my 4-year-old to wear whatever he wants to wear most days of the week.  (Excluded are Sundays, due to church services.)  Occasionally, he leaves the house in a super-hero costume, or wearing the random fedora he might find lying around the house to our Wednesday night church service.  Once, we went on one of our regular walks around the neighborhood while he was wearing a fireman hat, a batman costume, and riding a stick horse.

At this point, I urge you to think about this: Your child was once a baby.  Do you remember those days of diapers, bottles, bibs, and booties?  Now think about the times in between those ages.  How many do you remember?  How many does your child remember?

As the parent of a kindergartener, I find that there are very few things I can control now that she is in someone else’s care for the majority of the day.  And, along those same lines, there are very few things our children are allowed to control.  So take a minute and decide…is it that important that your child is wearing those name-brand clothes you pick out, or can you let go and let your child express himself however he wants? 

Give it a try…I have found that this decision is less painful, and more entertaining than it previously appeared.

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  1. Ha, yeah that fedora was hilarious! Only Max can pull off that look!