My Mom is on Facebook!

Where did you hear your latest bit of news?  Facebook?  Twitter?  MySpace?  Currently, others’ life experiences happen right before our eyes.  Did your co-worker recently take a vacation?  Look for her uploaded pictures.  Is your cousin’s birthday today?  Look for that reminder when you log in.  Is your best friend dating a new guy?  Check him out on her profile page before being shocked by his tattoos and piercings.


Because of these instant life updates, and because the fastest growing number of Facebook users are women over 55 (source here), our friends’ feeds are becoming more and more sparse.  Maybe you haven’t noticed, or maybe you’re one of the users who are taking advantage of the privacy settings that allow users to decide which friends get to see what.  Either way, our friends’ updates are becoming less divulgent and more filtered.


Take a look at some of your friends online.  Has she untagged herself in that unflattering picture you took with friends recently?  Has she made it impossible for friends to post to her page?  Then, yes, you *could* assume that her mom has made the leap to Facebook, and she has made the lunge for the Privacy page.

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