More Than Words

With thanks to my mother-in-law, I have a subscription to Today's Christian Woman magazine.  I don't completely agree with everything that is printed (which I suppose is the case with any publication), but some of the articles inside are very thought provoking and true to life.  In their Jan/Feb issue, I found a list called, "Spice Up Your Relationship!"  The list includes several easy things you can do that will show your husband just how much you love him.  Don't get too excited...this isn't Cosmo after all.  :)  However, it is really worth the time to read, clip, and post somewhere you will come across it from time to time.  (I added the exclamations point to number 5...the boys really love that one.  :-))  Try to incorporate a few of them into your life and, hopefully, your relationship with your hubby will reap the benefits.  Enjoy!

1. Don't interrupt or correct him when he's telling a story.

2. Compliment him in front of his children, your parents, his parents, and his friends.

3. Be as concerned aout your looks as you were when you were dating.

4. Develop a genuine interest in his work and hobbies.

5. Stick to your budget!

6. Try to go to bed together at the same time every night.

7. Ask yourself every day: "What's it like to be married to me?"

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