Ice Storm...Revisited

Well, we have officially survived our second ice storm. :) In February 2003, we lost power for 5 days...in January 2009, we lost power for 4 days. Maya Jo was home from the hospital for about 2 weeks when our power went out in 2003...we frantically searched for a place to stay where we could plug in her heart monitor which monitored heart and breathing. This year, Nina Grace is 5 months old but with no attachments. :) Both years, we stayed at Seth's parents' house, where they have gas logs and kept us nice and warm. At least this year they kept their power and we were able to take warm showers, eat hot meals, and watch television as well. (I should also mention here that I love Tivo, and wish it worked without power as well...)

Maya, Maxwell, and I went sledding a total of EIGHT times last week...yes, eight. This is the only way I could find to keep us all from going stir crazy, and it worked. Maxwell took 2 hour naps, and slept 10 hours at night. SUCCESS!! :) We have declared Maxwell fearless, as he would barely make it up the hill before he bounded headfirst down the hill again, into the "half pipe" and slide 50 feet. Maya was pretty tough too...she was always the first to try a new hill. Seth and I have bruised and swollen knees, and other sore areas, but had loads of fun anyway. KK was a real trooper...I think she went sledding with us six out of eight times. Thanks KK!!

I guess what made sledding so much fun this year was the ice underneath...it kept you going much further than you would have with just snow. The first day we went with a solid layer of ice on top, we could barely stand up! They went down our front yard, across the street, and into our neighbors yard all they way to her fence. It was CRAZY!! The funniest part for me was watching the kids try to walk down the sidewalk, or Louie try to go down the stairs. I have these on video if you are interested (www.youtube.com/landerson1609). We would have hot cocoa and cookies after sledding, curl up on the couch and take a nice, long nap together. Pretty fun times.

Sadly, Maya and Seth are back to the old grind today. Maya had no school all week, and Seth had short days and spent one day at home. It was a lot of fun, and I really miss having our family all together so much. But, life goes on...even after the ice storm. :)

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