I'm Laying It All Out There...

Ok, so sometimes I forget things.  Wait a minute, let me correct that sentence…Often I forget things.  I am constantly asking myself questions like, "Where are my keys?  Where did I leave my purse?  Has anyone seen my cell phone lately?  Did we get Louie?"  I can't tell you how many times Seth has found my keys in the door as he's leaving for work the next morning.  Yes, these things happen more often than I would prefer, but thankfully my husband has come to accept this flaky side of me.  (Much like I have come to accept his enjoyment of not-so-intelligent movies...i.e. watching Blazing Saddles last night.)  Even my family has come to expect this from me.  Whenever I leave their homes, they put into a pile whatever items I may have left behind, and greet my quick return with, "What did you forget this time?"

However, today something happened that has made me decide once and for all to change this behavior.  This morning when we got in the van, Maxwell asks these questions back-to-back: “Mom, do you have your purse?  Do you have your keys?  Do you have your cell phone?”  Does that sound like something your four-year-old should ask before you leave your house?  Ummm…let me think about that for a minute….NO!  This just goes to show you that the other male in our house has accepted this as normal behavior, and is trying his best to help me out!  (I am thankful for the help, might I add.)

So, today when I got home, I hung my purse on the coat rack and put my keys inside.  I have pledged to make an effort to do this every time I come home, or use these items.  

Now, as soon as I find my cell phone I will put it in there as well…

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