Thanksgiving 2009: What Are You Thankful For?

Over at MooreThanWords, Cathleen listed the 20 things she is thankful for this year. She inspired me to record some of my 'thankfuls' so that I can look back and remember what my life was like way back in 2009. As we gather together with our loved ones, may we remember who made all this possible. Who are you thankful to?

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I am thankful...

...that the Lord saved me. It's that simple. I am so undeserving of such a wonderful gift, and yet He chose me. Long before I was even born, He wrote my name and that was that. Thank you, LORD, for your Son, for your Word, and for your faithfulness.

...for my husband, best friend, and father of our children. For some reason, God allowed us to find each other, even when neither of us were looking. :) Seth is so good to me and the kids, and works so hard to provide for us a life full of walks, smiles, laughter, and games. As a sweet friend said of her husband...he's not perfect, I'm not perfect, but we're perfect for each other. He really is perfect for me, and for some reason, he loves me back.

...for the opportunity to be a Mommy. I never knew how wonderful life could be until the first time I held Maya Jo. To feel her body move as she breathed, to look into her eyes and see part of myself, and to know that this little miracle would never cease to be. Since then, I've held two other babies with much the same thoughts. I'm thankful to know this amazing kind of love...so different from any other love I've known...and thankful I've had seven years to enjoy it.

...for Maya Jo. My sweet pea, my fairy, my Jo Bird...whose strong will and stubbornness brought her through one of the most difficult beginnings one could imagine. That same strong will challenges me often, and shows me that my work as a Mommy is never-ceasing and always changing. I'm thankful for her imagination, her sweet smiles, and her laughter that always makes me yearn to be a child again. I've seen a miracle, and I thank the Lord for her.

...for Maxwell James. He keeps our family going...laughing, running, never stopping! He is always so honest and keeps me smiling with the things he says to me. He makes me feel needed, and I love him for it! I'm thankful I have a little Seth to watch grow up and become a man, and I hope one day he loves me the same way my husband loves his Mom.

...for Nina Grace who has shown me just how wonderful a baby can be! For her cuddles, her belly laughs, her kisses, her outstretched hands reaching out for me...it's so wonderful. I'm so thankful to know Nina Grace and be loved by her!

...for my church and church family. The Lord led me to the place I was mean to be, and to the church where I needed to be. I'm thankful for our pastor, assistant pastor, future pastor...our teachers, deacons, and many other great men and women who are servants to our Lord.  I'm thankful for the truths we uphold and continue to stand for, and that the Lord revealed these truths to us. For learning about the depravity of man, the Lord's atonement for sin, for the precious blood of our Savior...I can never thank the Lord enough for leading me here. My brothers and sisters there are such great examples for me, and I hope to one day grow to be as great of a witness as some of them are. I'm thankful for their caring spirits, their prayers, and most of all, for the blessed hope of sharing eternity with them.

...for my parents, grandparents, brother, sister, and cousins. I rarely get the chance to see most of my family, but when I do it's as if we had always been together. I'm thankful for their unconditional love, support, and just knowing that they are always there for me, no matter what. I'm thankful for the salvation of many of my family members, and pray that the Lord will give me the words to open the hearts of those who are not. I'm thankful they are only a car ride away, and that I get the opportunity to visit at least once a month. I love each and every one of them, and hope we remain close as we continue to grow.

...for my husband's family, who loves me just as my own. I'm thankful for each and every member...the Andersons, Bryants, Gormleys, Moores, Roses, and Sechrists (in alphabetical order)...they each have a special place in my heart, and I'm so thankful to have a family in Lexington that is as comfortable as being back 'home.' I love you guys!

...for the struggles that have brought me to where I am today. Life has never been easy, and looking back on the struggles I've lived through, I see just how far the Lord has brought me. Things that seemed so hard when I was younger are nothing compare to the things I face today. I'm thankful for each lesson learned, and believe that Seth and I are as close as we are today because of how much we leaned on the Lord and each other. Thank you, Lord, for your chastening, and help me to continue to gain wisdom from my mistakes.

...for my house, car, and all the things I daily take for granted. I'm thankful that we're able to keep our cabinets full, our children fed, and our house warm. I'm thankful for a computer at home where Seth can work, a table where we can eat our meals, and many forms of entertainment for the children so that we can be together often.

...for the electronic age in which we live. I agree that sometimes we take communication a little too far, but it so nice to stay in constant contact with friends and family who would otherwise not share in our daily lives. I'm thankful my Mom and Dad can talk to our children on a webcam, that they can watch videos online, of what is going on in our lives, and can always find an updated picture of us. I'm thankful I can talk to our future pastor and his family in the Philippines by phone, email, or chat. I'm thankful that there is a need for computer programmers, and that my husband, brother, and many family members and friends are employed by this profession.

...for the men and women who serve for our country.  For their families who support them and wait for them back home.  I'm thankful for those who served in the past, as well as those serving today, so that we can enjoy the freedoms in our country.  Thank you for your choice to serve. I pray for your safety.

...for Blue Grass Baptist School, whose teachers are paid a minimal salary, go above and beyond what is expected of them, and teach Christ and the Bible together with math, spelling, and science. I'm thankful the school is still educating our little ones, and pray that the Lord continues to bless them with the ability to do so. I'm thankful for all the work that goes into keeping the school open and functioning, and thankful that after all these years, it is still a BAPTIST school. Thank you!

...lastly, for a voice. Whether it's an electronic voice or an audible one, I'm thankful to have the ability to tell you what I'm thankful for in my life. I can tell you that Jesus came to earth, lived a perfect life, and died so that I wouldn't have to suffer for my sins. He shed His blood so that I could have the hope of spending eternity with Him. And He rose again, to show that once I was saved, my life could begin again. Yes, I continue to sin, but He is faithful in his forgiveness and patient as I continue to make mistakes. I pray that I can use my voice to tell others about Him, and that He might let them hear and understand.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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