Children: When They Leave the Nest

As most of you know, on Maya's latest report card, she made it on the high honor roll with all As.  She loves to read, and can learn many new things very quickly.  However, also on that report card was a "not so great" Conduct grade.  From what I gather, she talks during class, ignores some of her teacher's commands, and basically tries to be the center of attention.  (On a daily basis, her teacher gives the students one or two warnings, then gives strikes 1, 2, or 3 depending on the situation.)

I'm still a little shocked that I'm faced with this situation, but I must also find a way to deal with the problem.  So, we've adopted a new rule in our house: Get a strike during the school day, go to bed an hour early while everyone else is still awake.  Also, no electronics of any kind.  Get a strike 2 or 3, and the punishment escalates.  Think that will work?  We instituted it starting this week, so I guess we'll see soon enough.

I have also tried to think of ways to reward good behavior, so that she wants to follow the classroom rules.  I told Maya that once a week, she and I get an hour of "Maya and Mommy" time...no brother or sister to interrupt.  I figure this will give her some of the attention she is craving, as well as give me a chance to connect with her on a regular basis.

Any thoughts?  Any suggestions?  I'm definitely out of my element here, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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