Old School Frugalista

2003 – 2009Seth and I are thankful that have been blessed to have three wonderful children to raise.  We made the decision in early 2003 that I would stay home and take care of our children, and the Lord has blessed that decision.  It’s never been easy to buy groceries, clothing, and everything else that comes with our growing family, but we’ve somehow done it.  And with no credit card debt to this point in our life.  I am now entering into my 7th year of being a stay at home Mom, and I have become a pro at finding good deals and taking advantage when I find them.  (Read about some of the ways our family saves here.)  I clip coupons, look for sales, buy in bulk, and stay connected to many money-saving blogs on my RSS feed.  (Including ClippingMakesCents, MoneySavingMom, and The Simple Dollar.)  

…(I should stop here and say…Not that I don't occasionally splurge...believe me, I do…and I am really trying hard not to do that as often as I used to.  But sometimes…those kids clothes are just too cute to pass up!  :)…

In a way, I find it rewarding to know that even though I am not bringing money into the budget, I try to be frugal in a way that makes our life a little less stressful.  It’s kind of my job, and I try to do it well.

At the presentOur nation is technically coming out of a recession, but our bank accounts have yet to show this as true.  But saving money and cutting costs seems to be a growing trend across the board in American homes.  And guess what I saw on a commercial yesterday…Target’s “frugalista” girls showing how to be fashionable on a budget.  Whaaaa??  Did they really say “frugalista”??
So…what?  It’s now cool to be on a budget?  Awesome!  Finally, a trend I can be a part of!

And skirts are “in,” so I may just be the coolest Mommy on the block…the verdict is still out on that one.  :)

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  1. It is definitely the trend to be frugal. Let's hope we can continue to do it after it's not "in". Lisa, you are the coolest mom on the block...that I'm sure of. ;)