Just Because

I love sincerity. I do. There's just something about a person spontaneously telling you something, just because that's what they were feeling at the time. Sometimes it's a secret, something that a friend has been holding onto for too long, and just needed to unburden themselves. Sometimes it's a compliment, and usually these come at a time when you need it most! Other times it may be a criticism. But, no matter the end result, when someone tells you something sincerely, it makes an impact.

More than all of this, I love the actions that come with these sincere emotions.  When Max runs in with a flower from the backyard because when he saw it, he knew I couldn't live without it. Or the random notes and cards that find themselves in my Bible or purse that have wonderful pictures drawn and sweet thoughts lettered on the page. Or when my Dad calls to chat because he was thinking of me at that moment.  Or when Seth comes home with multi-colored daisies on a random day of the week just because he wanted me to know he was thinking of me.  I love it when my Mom calls to speak to one of the kids because she's gone long enough without talking to them. I love to receive smiles, hugs, and kisses from my children just because they love me.

More often than not, in the society we live in, spontaneity gets lost in the shuffle.  We call people just to ask a favor. We buy flowers or gifts because, on that day of the year, it is expected. We send thank-you cards for gifts, invitations for showers, and holiday cards at specific times of the year. Where is the sincerity in this?  Where is the emotion tied to that action? Don't we just do them because that's what we've been taught by society?

I think we could all benefit from a little less structure, and a little more sincerity.  Send cards to tell people you appreciate them. Call your parents or grandparents just to chat. Sit down in the backyard and look for shapes in the clouds with your children. Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. Most importantly, share the Gospel!  It is by far the most valuable give we can give!

Because tomorrow may never come, use every moment that you have today.


  1. Good and true thoughts! Thanks, I needed this little reminder. :))

  2. Lisa, You won a giveaway on my blog! Please contact me with your mailing address within 48 hours so I can get your prize out to you!