Hot New Author: Maya Jo Anderson

Yes, Maya has decided she is now an author. She loves reading, and is now reading well past the fourth grade level. So, she has decided she wants to write a book of short stories. We are really encouraging her, and has just completed her eighth entry! She was writing a story on the computer in Clay County as Seth and I were packing up all our stuff to head back home. She had to hurry the ending, but it's a pretty good one! Here it is:

Once upon a time there was a pretty butterfly who lived in the woods. She lived happily there. But one day a moth came and did not like the butterfly. So the moth thought that he was smarter then the butterfly. But the buttrefly already new his plan. So the butterfly thought that she would make a war with the moth. So the next morning the butterfly went to the moth,s house. The moth agreed to war and the butterfly won and moth was never seen again. THE END

I'll be sure to send you the link once her book is published. :D

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